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Healthy Hooves

Healthy Hooves

"Johanna's approach to my horse was a complete departure from anything I'd experienced with previous farriers. She spent a great deal of time asking me about my horse, her diet, turnout and stall footing. She took photos of my mare's feet, had me lunge her so she could observe her gaits and thoroughly examined each hoof before commencing her first trim. Johanna thoroughly explained what she was doing, what our long term goals were and explained it wasn't about making my horse's feet look similar and pretty. It was about trimming her feet to help correct her confirmation issues and improve her comfort and gaits. Her professionalism and knowledge have made and big difference in my horse, who is now willingly going forward without the "ouchiness" she had experienced for over a year. I would not hesitate to recommend her services."
~Liz Prosser, Gravenhurst.

"I have found that after years of competing on only on shod horses in the medium and PSG classes, that Johanna is able to provide a healthy hoof without shoes. The feet are able to stand up to the rigours of competition and rigourous daily training . Her one to one care and availability makes hoof care management for my Hanoverians very easy."
~Karen Lenaghan-Parfitt – Huntsville

"Thank you so much for coming over today to work with my regular farrier on how to trim naturally. You really impressed me with your knowledge and expertise. When you were finished with Coy's feet they looked beautiful. I know that he has a ways to go before they are shaped properly, but I am certain that we can get there with him."
~ Bonnie Pentney – Minden

"Johanna took her time to get to know my 3 horses. While she was trimming, she gave me tips on how to help with my broodmare’s sore muscles, kept my yearling busy so that he wouldn't get annoyed with people touching his feet, and kept in mind Faz's age and took her time with him. It’s been an amazing experience learning and sharing in conversations about the health of horses. I never met anyone that is so willing to take their time so my horses get the proper hoof trimming, as well as to help with their overall health."
~Brittany Belbeck – Gravenhurst