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Off track Thoroughbred horse

Off track Thoroughbred living a natural lifestyle.

The domesticated horse has often unwittingly been put at a disadvantage, despite our good intentions; many modern horse-keeping practices actually contribute to the many contemporary equine health challenges we are faced with.

It should come as a great relief that we can greatly simplify our horse-keeping practices, enhance our horses’ physical and emotional environment and allow them to develop naturally into a happy and healthy partner who is physically and mentally prepared for our joint adventures.

Environment - Movement, lifestyle and terrain are one of the most important factors that contribute to a horse’s good health. Allowing a horse simply to be a horse may be one of the easiest and most positive things we can do for them.

Feeding and Nutrition - There are many natural ways to ensure that their diet is properly balanced. How a horse is fed, how much and where and when, is a crucial component to its overall health.

Natural Horsemanship – Thoughts and reflections on how understanding equine emotional dynamics and physiology - from locomotory to social and behaviour and needs - can enhance your overall relationship with your horse and the increase its natural potential.

Homeopathy and Horses - Homeopathy is a natural healing approach that uses medically active substances mainly made from plants and minerals. When administered to an ill horse, they will help activate the animals’ own immune response. Homeopathy can treat both acute and chronic type problems.

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