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Homeopathy for horses

Homeopathy for horses

Homeopathy should be an integral part of a horse owners management practice, yet it is often left as a last resort treatment.

7 Important Reasons why Homeopathy should be an integral part of your horse’s treatment plan:

  1. It works! Homeopathy has been very successful at treating and aiding in the healing of stubborn and painful chronic complaints such as Navicular, Laminitis, Heaves, Allergies, Arthritic pains, Colic, Infections and more…
  2. It’s safe and non-toxic to use. Even as you are waiting for the vet to come, there is much that can be done to help your horse - if not abate the problem all together.
  3. It’s economical. Because you are treating the cause as opposed to the symptoms, the likelihood of having the problem return again is much smaller.
  4. It’s easy to administer. Horses love the taste of homeopathic remedies, or if put in water – there is no taste at all. This is particularly useful for already stressed animals.
  5. Alternative medicine provides another important facet of care to help your horse get better or stay healthy and happy.
  6. It doesn’t mask symptoms. If your horse is walking without being sore it is a great chance that it is because he is better.
  7. If used in the beginning – it can prevent a lifetime of pain and suffering, if used later, it has the capacity to heal or prolong the quality of life to a horse that would otherwise be thought of as un-treatable.

For more information regarding the use of homeopathy with Ivana Holub H.D.d.h.s in horse care, please contact us