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Our mandate at BARNBOOTS is to share knowledge, skills, resources and training methods with all those interested in progressive and natural horsemanship. We are dedicated to equine wellness from a balanced, holistic approach and take into account that domesticated horses require an integrated and sensible approach to “natural” care. Our services include:

  • natural barefoot trimming as an alternative to traditional farrier trims and horseshoes
  • natural horse care services for the benefit of the horses’ overall health and lifestyle
  • common sense foundation training that works for both horse and owner

Our side-line passion includes carriage and sleigh driving. Our beautiful horses and unique horse drawn vehicles are available for small weddings, photo shoots, artistic endeavors, or similar events looking to add a touch of elegance and adventure to the day. For those who would like to teach their own horses to drive, we can help get you started with an “Introduce your horse to harness & driving” teaching lessons.

Secret of Happy HorsesNew to the idea of common sense natural horsemanship?
Get this awesome little (literally! 4 ½ x 5 ½ inches!) book by Sabine Wells

$25 dollars, includes taxes and shipping in Canada. Contact us to get your copy today.

Equine Wellness MagazineOur signature horse, Neko, is becoming quite the
local celebrity! Check out her accomplishments
on her own personal page.

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